About Us : Social Responsiblity

Social Responsibility
We truly believe that the social environment is very important. We just like everyone else are humans first and then entrepreneurs, which is why we ensure that enough emphasis is given to the way we deal with things which affect mother nature. At Vora Skyline, we believe in spending on materials which are eco friendly as an investment towards the world environment. We try to ensure that this is a spirit practiced by everyone from the top to the bottom level components of the organization. While stating so we also understand that it may not be possible to change anything overnight, however, we truly believe that we should start doing our bit to eventually make the world a better place to live in. So we have started our bit in trying to create a better world by providing labor camps for the labors at site, wherein they are provided with the basic facilities such as medical aid, clean drinking water, recreational facilities etc. We have also initiated various procedures in incorporating rain water harvesting facilities, water re-cycling plants in our projects. We also try to plant as many trees as possible in our projects to provide clean and green environment. Thus we are doing our bit towards “creating a better world”.